Minutes – Jan. 18, 2022

The meeting was opened with prayer at 8:05 P.M. Aside from the four officers, Susan Crawford, Jo Ann Kucic, and toward the end of the meeting, Linda Schneider were in attendance. The minutes were approved as emailed.

Joyce gave the treasurer’s report. She said that we now have 7 paid up members, thus giving us a quorum for this meeting. They are Susan Crawford, Joyce Feinberg, Jo Ann Kucic, Gary LeGates, Ninette LeGates, Kirsta Mccullough, and Linda Schneider. We have a balance of $9,275.42. There has been a problem with Square to get the receipts out, but this is being worked on.

In his president’s report, Ray stated that he is serving on ACB’s Audio Description Committee. He also is attending a weekly affiliate presidents’ meeting. This will get him more involved with ACB as a whole.

Under old business, Ray said that he had requested a spot for CAGDU on the State Convention program taking place in February, and had been refused since they want to have space for new vendors. Ray also inquired about getting CAGDU, Your Dog and You on the community calls, and was told that someone will get back to him about that. The one day CAGDU convention to take place in September was discussed. Ray said that after the legislative seminar in March he will appoint a convention committee. Ray, Joyce, and Gary will be working on the membership list. He outlined membership challenges which all affiliates of ACB are currently facing especially as a result of the Pandemic.

Under new business, Ray said that the D.C. Council of the Blind intends to hold a one day convention and he asked if CAGDU would help with it. Gary said that CAGDU should be a part of it rather than help to organize and run it. Gary moved and Joyce seconded a motion that Board meetings be held on odd numbered months, and that membership meetings be held on even numbered months. The motion was carried. Gary was asked to send an announcement of meetings several weeks before and then a repeat announcement the day before. He was also asked to put them on a calendar, but said that he would have to learn to do that.

Cindy also asked about inviting Puppy raisers to be members of CAGDU and this will be explored further. Gary Moved and Jo Annn seconded a motion that CAGDU donate four Chewy gift cards worth $25 each to the ACB of Maryland State Convention as door prizes. The motion carried.

The next meeting will be on February 15 and will be a membership meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 8:54 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary LeGates, Secretary