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Meet Wendy Sherid. Wendy has the experience as a dog guide user, speaker and children’s author which makes her a natural addition to co-host our CAGDU–Capital Area Guide Dog Show.

Today we are pivoting our host, Rev “Radio Ray”, Raysor from the host seat into the guest seat to discuss his adjustment to blindness and deciding that a guide dog was right for him.

The first impression of The Seeing Eye Dog Guide School is often the voice of Mary Manwaring, directing callers to the right department. Today, we take Mary from behind the switchboard and into the CAGDU Radio guest chair.



The ACB–American Council of the Blind – was founded on the principle of a .world of no limits for blind and visually impaired persons.  Our guest, Jo Ann Kucic, ACB Maryland State President shares the successes and challenges faced by the ACB.

Our guests, Sue Bowmaster and Denna Lambert each chose motherhood via adoption.  They share how they came to their decision, their challenges and how they demonstrated that their blindness did not disqualify them from motherhood.

Our guest: KaeAnn Rausch wears many hats, CEO of GuideLights Dog Products, wife and dog guide user. She shares how she makes it all fit together seamlessly.

Joyce Feinberg was a successful Technical Specialist for a blood leasing equipment company. She travelled all over the country and then… she began to lose her sight at age 30. Joyce shares her choices and adjustments to her new reality.

Our guest Alan Dalton is a 21rst C Renaissance man. He and his dog Gabe criss-cross campus as he teaches Political Economic Geography to undergrad, graduate and high schoolers. He has been a foster parent to 380 kids in his home state of Vermont. Did I mention he is blind?

Our guest, Jane Carona, assures us that to join the Braille Revival League does not require that you be a superhero. She also shares her experiences from the Maryland School for the Blind, the recently concluded ACB–American Council of the Blind Convention, and her dog Sailor’s experience at the Canine Aquatic Center.

There are a lot of jokes about why were given the shortest month to celebrate Black History. Our guest, Maceo Thomas dispels that myth and increases our knowledge of known and lesser-known Black History facts.

Nicole Williams, Maryland State Delegate District 22, has introduced House Bill #234–Harm to Service Animals. This bill protects trained service animals and their handlers from intentional or reckless harm.

CAGDU explores all things related to guide dogs–their training, their care even their retirement. But what happens if they die prematurely? Our guest Jack Turner, retired business owner, shares the loss of his Seeing Eye Guide dog and how he coped.

CAGDU is about all things related to working dogs– their care, their training, and the end of their working life. Our guest, Jack Turner, retired business owner, shares the passing of his Seeing Eye Guide dog and how he coped. Part 1 of a two-part conversation.

On CAGDU we talk about dogs as a tool when you are blind. What about a dog if you’re blind and hard of hearing? Our guest is Gary Legates who shares his journey as a blind and hard of hearing guide dog user.

October 15th was White Cane Awareness Day.  Today’s show is titled Unleash the Cane and our special guest is, Ron Brown the Road Warrior.  Ron is a blind certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist and will make the case for settling the question–can dogs and canes coexist?

Our guest is John Pak who works at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Occupational Health & Safety. If you want mission success–you need a guy like Joh on your team who helps keep the nation’s largest cohort of scientists, engineers, and technologists safe as they explore Earth, the solar system and the universe.

People decide to get a service dog for a number of reasons.  Our guest is Jerome Parsons a graduate of The Seeing Eye Dog Guide School.  He shares his story of getting his first guide dog and the challenges during this season of COVID.

Today’s broadcast is dedicated to CAGDU co-founder and co-host, Charles “Charlie” Crawford who passed away today, 9/11/2020, after a short illness.

Our special guest is Deb Cook Lewis who wears many hats–including that of VP of GDUI–Guide Dog Users, International.  Today she dons her guest hat instead of her usual  ACB Radio Mainstream hosting hat.

The Randolph Sheppard program provides an opportunity for a blind person to become self-supporting. Cafeterias and snack bars located in federal buildings are managed by trained and licensed vendors. Our guest, Jim Papania, shares his road to becoming a vendor through the Maryland Business Enterprise Program.

Our guest:  Anthony “Tony” Stevens, Director of Development at ACB–American Council of the Blind.

Our guest is Sarah Calhoun–newly elected president of the national GDUI–Guide Dog Users, Incorporated hailing from the Show-Me State of Missouri.

Our guest for CAGDU Your Dog and You [26 June 2020 ] was Claire Stanley, Advocacy and Outreach Specialist of the ACB–American Council of the Blind.

Cecilia Warren is the Policy Director of Emergency Management for the state of Maryland. Today she helps us navigate from policy to implementation — how to be prepared and what we need to know.

Columbia Lighthouse has been serving the blind and low-vision community of Washington, DC since 1900.  We want to welcome Tony Cancelosi–President and CEO.

Eric Bridges, Executive Director of the American Council of the Blind–ACB.
The American Council of the Blind provides the framework which allows blind and low-vision people to define success on their own terms.

Patrick Sheehan–President NCAC [Nat’tl Capital Area Chapter] of ACB American Council of the Blind.
Becky Davidson–Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Inc–Manager of Consumer Outreach & Graduate Support

Our hosts are Rev “Radio Ray” Raysor with his 7th dog guide, a coated German shepherd named Rayven and Charlie Crawford with his 9th  dog guide, Razen a Labrador Retriever both graduates of The Seeing Eye dog Guide School.

17 April 2020

Learning about hosts Rev “Radio Ray” Raysor and Charlie Crawford–the journey they have followed, the pitfalls they avoided and the ones they fell into.

10 April 2020
Glenn Hoagland, the new president of The Seeing Eye Dog Guide School. Melissa Allman, Advocacy Specialist at The Seeing Eye who works on legislation protecting dog guide users.