Rev. Ray’s Guide Dog Etiquette

While many people may feel comfortable approaching dogs, Guide dogs are actually working Service Animals. Thus, there are certain rules that must be adhered to with service animals, especially in a work environment. Some basic rules are highlighted below and more information is available on the attached.

Remember that the Guide Dog is responsible for leading someone who cannot see. Rev. Ray’s safety depends on his dog’s alertness and concentration.

  • The Guide Dog should never be distracted from its duty.
  • A Guide Dog is responsible for helping its handler safely cross a street, maneuver hallways or stairs. Calling out to a Guide Dog or intentionally obstructing its path can be dangerous for the team as it could break the dog’s concentration on its work.
  • The Guide Dog is not to be touched or petted by anyone.
  • A Guide Dog should never be offered food or other distracting treats.
  • Do not offer the animal toys. For its safety the animal is only allowed to play with specific toys.

Again, Guide Dogs are highly-trained working Service Animals. In general, when you come upon the two of them, you should greet Rev. Ray as you normally would, without engaging the Guide Dog in anyway.

These rules must be followed, to ensure a safe working environment. Should you have questions please contact my office.