Minutes – Mar 11 2020

CAGDU Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, March 11, 2020
The meeting was opened with prayer at 7:00 P.M. All officers were in attendance except for Cindy, our vice president.
Ray informed us that our web site will be up next week. Ray sent the site a lot of information which Jane had sent him. Minutes will be put up there along with our mission statement, our bylaws, and pertinent articles. Pictures reflecting activities of our members will also be on the site. There will also be a donation button on the site which will allow the donations to go into our Gmail account.

Ray also said that he and Sue had gone to Capital One and tried to take care of some banking matters but could not since the computers were down. They will try to get this done soon.

CAGDU will participate in a Disability Expo on Saturday, April 18, from 11:00 A.M.
until 5:00 P.m. at the Sports Plex in Prince George’s County. We only need 3 or four dogs there, and people will need to be there for an hour. We will give a short demonstration about the purpose of the harness and how we use our dogs. It costs $3 to get into the event, but they are giving us from 500 to 1,000 free tickets to give out. We have a sponsor who will pay for the transportation for any members who participate. Another sponsor will pay for the meal of anyone who is there for two or three hours, and a third person will pay for a banner which values at $100. Pet Smart is going to give us a $75 gift certificate. The Big Bad Wolf, our radio sponsor is giving us some door prizes. We will take names of people who come by the table to talk with us and draw for door prizes. As far as we know now that event is still taking place. We will prepare to participate in the Expo, but we will wait to see whether it will be held. Even if it is not held, we still have the banner and the door prizes and can use them for future events. CAGDU will prepare a palm card. We can get a four by six palm card with print on both sides with a picture on it. The cost to design and prepare such a card will cost $160. The printing for 500 cards will cost $100. To print 1,000 cards, the cost will be $120. Sue felt that it was worth paying the extra twenty dollars for 500 additional cards. Ray said that he would not deal with putting a logo on the card now but would wait until people feel more comfortable about what is on the logo. A logo would cost from $400 to $1,000. If people want Braille on the card, the Columbia Light House can make braille labels with 3 lines of Braille. We can get 300 labels for $160. The label would say “CAGDU”, the website URL, and our phone number. Ray has people who will put the labels on 300 cards. We would save money by not printing braille directly on the card and yet, the card would have braille on it.

Gary moved that the organization spend $160 for the setup, $120 for a thousand cards, and $160 for the 300 braille labels. Sue seconded the motion and it was carried.

Ray said that the Board will meet every other month. The next meeting will concern the calendar. During even months, we will meet after the NCAC meeting and use Zoom for those who can not attend in person. The next in person meeting will take place on Thursday, April 16 after the NCAC meeting. If we can not meet, we will have a conference call.

In October during Meet the Blind month, Ray wants to sponsor a seminar about guide dogs in the area.
Sue said that we now have 13 paid members and one person who wants to join but hasn’t been able to do it yet. She added that $10,031.50 was currently in the treasury. We had two expenses since February 20 when the last report came out. One was $140 to GDUI for chapter memberships. The other was $246.20 charged by Capital One for giving us the 504 checks and deposit slips. Ray said that this year, he wants to lay a solid foundation through accomplishing things like establishing the web site, and a card which we can give out. Right now, he is not that concerned about the number of members. That way, when people come to the organization, they will have something to plug in to. Next year, we will concentrate on money, membership and partnerships.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 with prayer.
Respectfully Submitted,
Gary LeGates, Secretary