Minutes – Feb 05 2020

CAGDU Board Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2020

The meeting was opened with prayer at 8:05 P.M. by president Rev. Ray Raysor. All the officers were present. Ray explained that Maryland does not have a Guide dog protection law making attacking or interfering with a guide dog team a felony like the law in New Jersey. Ray suggested that CAGDU could examine guide dog laws of other states and that CAGDU could tweak these laws to fit Maryland’s needs. We could then be ready to present it next year to be considered by the legislature. We will discuss this with our membership at our next meeting.

Our next membership meeting will take place on February 20 after the NCAC chapter meeting is over from 8:15-9:00 P.M. People who can, can go to the NCAC meeting and to CAGDU’S meeting. This meeting will take place at the Sheraton Hotel

8777 Georgia Avenue

Silver Spring, Maryland in the Mica Room. Those who cannot go, will be able to call in and take part in the meeting. Since the NCAC meeting’s topic will be “Gadget Night”, this should bring people out who might take part in CAGDU’S meeting as well.

Ray said that his organization bought a website already named CAGDU and another one called CAGDUI for $219.00 which his organization will donate to CAGDU. A man with whom Ray has worked before will set up our website and will give us six pages. Our domain will also have a donate button on it. He will also give us a radio show on his platform, Long Talk lasting up to an hour. For this, he will charge $695.00. This includes his putting the radio show on our website. Ray will ask Charlie to host the show with him. Gary made a motion which was seconded by Cindy, that we spend $695 to get all these things underway. The motion was carried.   Ray said that the show will be broadcast on Friday afternoon at 2:00 east coast time. Once the site is set up, Ray plans to develop a palm card which members can carry and hand out giving information about CAGDU. These could be placed in doctor’s offices and libraries. A good line we might include in our handout is “Guide Dogs are not Guard dogs.”

Ray told us that CAGDU now has a virtual phone number. At present, the messages will go to Ray. The recorded message identifies the organization, says that we are a 501C3 organization, and then tells callers what number to press to get information. The number is 301-263-7371.

Sue said that we currently have 9 paid-up members. The officers agreed that starting the website and the radio show will encourage more members to join the organization.

A lady named Mona Freedman invited CAGDU to have a booth at a disability Expo being presented in Prince Georges County at the sports plex from 11:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. on Saturday April 18. We will have a pavilion. The officers thought that this would be a great activity for our members to get involved with.

The meeting was adjourned with prayer at 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary LeGates, Secretary