Minutes – Apr 16 2020

CAGDU Conference Call Membership Meeting Minutes
Thursday, April 16, 2020

The meeting was called to order with prayer at 9:01 P.M.  In addition to the four officers,
3 other members were in attendance:  Denise Decker, Joyce Feinberg, and Linda Schneider.
Since 7 out of 14 of our paid members were present, Ray said that we had a quorum.  The
minutes were approved as sent.  Ray reminded us that they will be on the new Website,
CAGDU.org.  Sue said that she had no new activity to report about the treasury since our
conference call on April 7.  The current balance is $10,031.

Ray told us that the World Possibility Expo which was supposed to take place in April at
the Sportsplex in Prince George’s County has been postponed until Saturday, October 3 from
11:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.  We will be in a pavilion.  Ray wants for or five members to bring
their guide dogs to help man the booth.  People would only have to work for an hour and a half.
Volunteers will bring meals and provide transportation for   workers.  A banner as well as door
prizes from several businesses have also been donated.

He also announced that a palm card containing information about the organization is
being developed. We can get a four by six palm card with print on both sides with a picture on it.
The cost to design and prepare such a card will cost $160.   The Board voted to have 1,000
printed at a cost of $120.  We also voted to pay the Columbia Light house $160 for 300 braille
labels which wee can put on the cards.  For right now, nothing is being done.  Ray said this will
be revisited when things are back to normal.

Ray reported that our first radio show took place on Friday April 10 from 3 to 4 P.M.
Our first guest was the President of the Seeing Eye, Glenn Hoagland.  Normally the show is
scheduled from 3:330, but this show went a bit longer.  The show is called CAGDU, Your Dog
and You and is hosted by Ray and Charlie Crawford.  The shows will be posted on the website.
Ray asked the membership to approve setting aside $1,000 to meet the needs of members
needing special help in getting food, supplies, or medical help for their guide dogs during this
emergency.  Gary moved that we set aside $1,000 to meet emergency needs of guide dog users
who are members of CAGDU and that people needing this help show any invoices they receive
to the Board.  The motion was seconded by Cindy and passed.  Gary also moved that the $1000
in the previous motion be taken from the $8,000 earmarked to be used for medical emergencies.
The motion was seconded by Linda and carried.  The membership asked that an announcement
of the availability of this service be sent out in the minutes and be publicized on our website.
Ray urged members to check out our website cagdu.org and call our new phone number
which is 301-263-7371.

The meeting was adjourned with prayer.
Respectfully submitted,
Gary LeGates, Secretary